The B612 Foundation is a private organization committed to protecting the earth from asteroid strikes. They just released this animation, demonstrating why they are so concerned.



  • Reply June 20, 2014

    Jason X

    The animation looks cool but when I clicked on the link to see the video it takes you to a page that says the video doesn’t exist anymore or never existed in the first place…?

  • Reply July 15, 2014


    Link still not working – Me wants to see it!!

  • Reply July 15, 2014


    Please make it work cause that video looks so cool

  • Reply July 15, 2014


    You had me at the still photo…

  • Reply July 15, 2014


    Those big rocks could definitely ruin a good football game…

  • Reply July 15, 2014


    Nothing Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton couldn’t handle…destroying huge asteroids, that is…

  • Reply April 1, 2017

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