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In the last week, a lawsuit was filed against the wine industry for arsenic levels and President Obama proposed fracking rules

Sources – Weather.com, Patch.com, BiologicalDiversity.org, Coastkeeper.org , Wall Street Journal 



A class-action lawsuit was filed Thursday (March 19, 2015) against wine makers that allegedly knowingly sold arsenic contaminated wines, as reported by Renee Schiavone of Patch.com.  The full list of wines can be found here.  Zain Hadar of weather.com reported that the lower the price per liter, the higher the level of arsenic (see video).


In other arsenic related news, President Obama unveiled proposed “fracking rules” which will set new standards for oil and gas wells. The proposed rules include chemical disclosures and waste regulation. Amy Hardar and Daniel Gilbert have written about the proposed regulations for the Wall Street Journal. Billions of gallons of oil industry wastewater was illegally injected into Central California aquifers which are used for drinking water and irrigation, and are also in dwindling supply due to drought. The waste water contains toxic pollutants such as arsenic and thallium. “The Central Valley Water Board tested eight water-supply wells out of more than 100 in the vicinity of these injection wells. Arsenic, nitrate and thallium exceeded the maximum contaminant level in half the water samples,” per the Center for Biological Diversity.


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  Photo: Weather.com