Cyber-Physical Systems: The 4th Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What it means, how to respond Article from Klaus Schwab  Founder/Chairmen of the World Economic Forum       Video:…


Caltech’s Resnick Institute Opens Nominations For Crazy Science To Save Earth

The Resonate Awards honor outstanding achievement in renewable energy and sustainability-focused science and technology.   (September 14, 2015) – Pasadena, CA “Of course, there’s crazy…


Military Test “Ghost City” (CITE) Without Residents in NM

CITE will come with everything one would expect to find in a city of 35,000 residents – except for the 35,000 residents Source: Plumbing…


White House Secretary of Energy (MIT) Explains Science of Iran Deal

Ed Moniz explains the science behind the Iran Deal including agreements of limits on uranium and centrifuges. (August 27,2015)  Video courtesy the Office of…

Predator KAZ

Musk, Hawking, and Wozniak Sign Letter To Ban Autonomous Weapons (Killer Robots)

“There are many ways AI can make battlefields safer for humans without creating new tools for killing people.” (July 27,2015) – Buenos Aires, Argentina  …


Battling ‘the Largest Mass Poisoning in History’: Arsenic in Bangladesh

By Kevin Krajick and David Funkhouser Earth Institute, Columbia University   International health experts have called it the largest mass poisoning in history, and…

City of the Future #1

Test City Being Built in New Mexico To Evaluate Future Technology

The city will have everything but people who live there. (July 10, 2015) – Washington, DC A ghost city is being built in the…

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EarthServer (Petabytes of Data Cubes) Evaluates Water on Mars Too

“On Mars, we can go down a few kilometers and we want to find out whether there is water” – Peter Baumann June 25…


Dutch Court Orders 25% Cut in Greenhouse Gases by 2020

June 24, 2015 (Netherlands) – Source – Engineering & Technology Magazine The following article is written by Tereza Pultarova, Engineering & Technology Magazine The Netherlands…

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Why Is Aging Most Advanced in Europe & Central Asia?

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