Richard Lui/The Desert Sun

Joshua Trees could disappear from Joshua Tree National Park by the end of the century.

Take Two, the award winning Southern California Public Radio program has detailed the devastating effect of climate change on Southern California’s desserts. Take Two…


Reservoir of water 3 times the volume of the world’s oceans discovered deep within the mantle

If ringwoodite were exposed to the sun’s light it would shine blue, fitting, because deep within the earth’s mantle this curious mineral contains almost…


Paradoxically; as Arctic melts, Antarctic cools

    Over recent decades, scientists have watched the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions respond in starkly different and perhaps surprising ways to the…


Google’s Driverless Cars Will Be Electric: And That’s Important

    Mentioned very briefly, Google’s new experimental fleet of robotic cars are electric. That’s important because as one of the leaders of developing…


1951 – 1955: Atom bomb tests seen from Los Angeles

        The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), previously the Nevada Test Site (NTS), is a United States Department of Energy reservation located in southeastern Nye County,…

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Eruption leads Scientists to discover world’s biggest undersea volcano

“As the largest and deepest submarine silicic eruption ever documented, this was likely to be a ‘once in a century’ event.” “It was likely…

Photo Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific.

Speaking with Light – Alex Gibney

Dr Edie Widder takes us on a journey deep under the sea. She’s used pioneering research with bioluminescent sea creatures to help us shine…

An Israeli Death Stalker Scorpion

Bringing Light – Bert Klasey, Chris Baron, & James Allen Smith

In the painstaking process of removing brain tumors, neurosurgeons are constantly challenged by the inability to distinguish healthy tissue from tumor in the operating…

Two 30-centimetre-long Earth-observing CubeSats were released from the International Space Station in February. Photo: Nature Magazine.

Cube Satellites prove their scientific power

In the hands of America’s brightest undergraduates, cube satellites; milk carton-sized space instruments have found room on recent launches to demonstrate their unique strengths….