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Animated Map of Police Violence in 2014 by Geography

A team of social justice activists has created an interactive map of police violence by geography over the course of 2014.  MAP    Source – City Lab , The Atlantic   The…


Long Term Meditation May Slow Brain Aging

An imaging study conducted at UCLA showed that long-term meditators experienced less gray matter loss compared with persons who did not meditate. Source: MedScape (the article…


The Nostalgist

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent The Nostalgist for 30 days. Availability = US Runtime = 17 minutes A father and son live…


Brain Makes Decisions with Same Method Used to Break WW2 Enigma Code

Source – Columbia University Medical Center    When making simple decisions, neurons in the brain apply the same statistical trick used by Alan Turing…


Win a Brain-Controlled Drone?

Subscribe to the Raw Science Newsletter at www.rawscience.tv for a chance to win! The kit has an EEG headset and  requires focus in order to fly…


Physics And Technology For Future Presidents

“Imagine it: You are the President and a terrorist has planted a dirty bomb in midtown Manhattan. What do you do? How do you…


Oxford Study: 47% of US Jobs are Computerizable (#1 Loan Officer, #2 Receptionist, #3 Paralegals)

This infographic by Bloomberg represents a study done by Oxford University in 2013. The conclusion is that 47% of US jobs could be automated/computerizable….


A Drug Reverses Memory Loss for Alzheimer’s in Mice

Speaking of an aging population that reaches a tipping point in 2015 never before seen in the history of civilization, Alzheimer’s will be a significant…


New Year’s Resolution? Free Caltech Course On Machine Learning

New Year’s Resolution? Take a Caltech course in Machine Learning online for free. – Free, introductory Machine Learning online course (MOOC) – Taught by…

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Orangutan in Argentina Wins “Non-Human Person” Rights

An orangutan in an Argentina zoo won non-human personhood rights as reported by The Guardian. This means it has been unlawfully deprived of its…