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Since the 1980 Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Helen Caldicott an Australian physician and author, has dedicated her life to anti-nuclear activism. Dr. Caldicott who grew up in Melbourne and went to medical school in Adelaide was on staff at the Harvard Medical School, before leaving the medical world to become an advocate for nuclear disarmament and political reform. In this interview with Raw Science Dr. Caldicott discusses the continuously escalating global threat of nuclear weapons, the media, and America’s problematic expectations of endlessly abundant power and convenience.

Dr Caldicott has received many prizes and awards for her work, including the Lannan Foundation’s 2003 Prize for Cultural Freedom and twenty one  honorary doctoral degrees. She was personally nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Linus Pauling – himself a Nobel Laureate. The Smithsonian has named Dr Caldicott as one of the most influential women of the 20th Century. She has written for numerous publications and has authored seven booksNuclear Madness (1978 and 1994 WW Norton) , Missile Envy (1984 William Morrow, 1985 Bantam, 1986 Bantam) , If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth (1992, W.W. Norton);  A Desperate Passion: An Autobiography (1996,W.W. Norton; published as A Passionate Life in Australia by Random House);The New Nuclear Danger: George Bush’s Military Industrial Complex (2001, The New Press in the US, UK and UK; Scribe Publishing in Australia and New Zealand; Lemniscaat Publishers in The Netherlands; andHugendubel Verlag in Germany); Nuclear Power is Not the Answer (2006, The New Press in the US, UK and UK; Melbourne University Press in Australia)  War In Heaven  (The New Press 2007);  revised and updated If You Love This Planet(March 2009); and Loving This Planet (The New Press; 2013).

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