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Topic: Collapse

“Collapse Film” – Finalist, Raw Science Film Festival 2020

Moderator: Keri Kukral, Raw Science

Guests: Dr. Nelson Varas-Díaz, Director/Psychologist | Dr. Domingo Marqués, Clinical Psychologist | Mark Padilla, Producer

Length: 27 minutes

Film Description: One hurricane, one study, thousands dead. On September 20, 2017 hurricane María hit the island of Puerto Rico with category four winds. The local government reported the number of dead at 64, while a Harvard University led study estimated 4645. This film tells the story of the research team that completed this historic study from the perspective of Dr. Domingo Marqués, the only team member to experience the hurricane firsthand. See how the local government reacted to the now famous study, and how a country that distrusts scientists prepares for the next catastrophic event.

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