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Have you heard about the big events we’re throwing in December? Next month we’ll be holding the first-ever Raw Science Film Festival celebrating the best science documentaries and fiction films around followed by an awards ceremony. Kevin Grazier (“Gravity”) will be speaking at both events.We’re kicking things off on December 6th at Caltech’s Beckman auditorium, beginning at 3PM, with a screening of our festival finalists. Then filmmaker Martha Coolidge will take the stage for a Q&A session before screening her beloved 80s comedy, Real Genius.There will be a Calvin Techer surprise… Two days later on December 8, we’ll be holding our big awards ceremony at Fox Studios’ Zanuck Theater, featuring a Q&A session with sci-fi film technical advisors and screenings of the winning films. The all-star panel of judges, including Coolidge Luke Matheny (Best Short Film, “God of Love”), Randal Klesier (Grease), John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood and Shaft), and Iram Parveen Bilal (“Josh: Against The Grain” and “The PhD Movie 2”). Tickets run $20 for the 6th ($10 for students) and $30 for the big awards gala on the 8th. They are non-profit events which benefit up-and-coming filmmakers.

3:00 PM FIlm Festival Introduction w/ Iram Parveen Bilal
Documentary Finalists
3:05 PM Number 32
3:16 PM The Heart Thief
3:26 PM Consider The Ant
3:38 PM Ballet Meets Robotics
4:00 PM Special Guests
The Story of the Hollywood Sign Prank told in-person by CALVIN TECHER
4:15 PM Kevin Grazier, “Gravity” Technical Advisor
Narrative Finalists
4:23 PM Beyond The Spheres
4:25 PM Nzara 76
4:45 PM The Channeling
6:34 PM The Looking Planet
6:50 PM The Nostalgist
7:25 PM Habana
7:30 PM Introduce Feature- Screen Real Genius
7:30 PM Q&A w/ Director Martha Coolidge
7:45 PM Screening – “Real Genius”
TIME Location Subject
6:00 PM Commissary Guest arrival to reception
6:30 PM Commissary Welcome Speech
6:45 PM Commissary Press Line
7:00 PM Zanuck Host – Welcome
7:05 PM Freeman Dyson on Science Fiction (pre-recorded)
7:07 PM Keri Kukral, Raw Science TV
7:10 PM Kevin Grazier – “Gravity” Tech Consultant
7:15 PM Zanuck “Fiction Fllmakers” Awards, Speech by Kevin Grazier
7:19 PM Student Fiction Film under 10 Mins
7:23 PM Student Fiction Film over 10 Mins
7:27 PM Professional Fiction Film over 10 Mins
7:30 PM Zanuck “Documentary Filmmakers” Awards, Speech by Iram Parveen Bilal
7:34 PM Student Doc Film under 10 Mins
7:38 PM Student Doc Film over 10 Mins
7:42 PM Professional Doc Film under 10 Mins
7:45 PM Zanuck One of the greatest university pranks of all time revealed
“Calvin Techer” (of the 1987 Hollywood Sign prank) tells the story
8:00 PM Zanuck Special Recognition Awards
8:04 PM USA SEF Youth Film Award
8:08 PM Kip Thorne Gravity Award – Best Depiction of a Scientific Principle
8:12 PM Geekie Award for Technical Innovation in Media, by Kristen Nedopak
8:30 PM Special Screening: “Spare Parts”

Direction to Fox Studios:     http://la.siggraph.org/source/venue/fox-studios-zanuck-theater   Parking&MapFlyer