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The Union of Concerned Scientists has created a satellite database of more than 1,000 operational satellites orbiting the Earth. The interactive infographic has satellites arranged by mass and altitude as of August 21, 2014. By clicking the spacebar, the satellites can be viewed as they orbit. To see the relative speed of orbits (and possibly melt your browser), press Q and then the spacebar.  The satellites include:

  • Total:  1,235
  • United States:  512
  • Russia:  135
  • China:  116
  • Other:  472
  • Civil:  18
  • Commercial:  214
  • Government:  121
  • Military:  159

“Space begins 100 km up. Satellites are arranged by altitude, but they don’t all stay in the same place – 37 of them are in elliptical orbits that maximize their view of the Earth at high-altitude before a quick low-altitude jaunt around the other side of the planet.” Note: The United Nations regulates satellites in orbit. The largest private satellite constellation belongs to Iridium Communications, which has 71 satellites in orbit. Featured Photo: reddit/MapPorn