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Security might be the next big thing in the startup world.

ProtonMail, the email service set to deliver a new “NSA-proof” email service state in their funding goal that “We want to protect people around the world from the mass surveillance that is currently being perpetrated by governments and corporations around the world,” the startup, which began life at the particle physics laboratory in Switzerland broke set a new Indiegogo record by raising more then six times the original $100,00.00 goal of their funding campaign Despite PayPal freezing their account without warning.

Forbes reported  ”  We found out when campaign contributors began emailing us saying they would not contribute to our campaign anymore, which is really the worst possible way to find out.”

Yen says a PayPal rep asked the team whether they had US government approval to encrypt emails. “Luckily, the matter was resolved in under 24 hours with the help of supporters from around the world,” he says. “Privacy is after all a protected right, even in the US.”

ProtonMail works by encrypting messages in the user’s browser before it ever reaches its servers – meaning that the company never has access to the password and can never read emails.