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“Moneyball” Nate Silver Predicts the GOP Race

“Moneyball” Nate Silver’s methods predict GOP win for the senate race. How simple are the statistics? Will they prove correct?


Epoch of Reionization of the Universe

Gravity wave detection is a triumph. Don’t forget the Epoch of Reionization, though, when lights turned on in the universe.     


Harvesting Energy form the Smallest Motions

Researchers have built an electricity generator that can harvest energy from the most gentle movements. They say their device can produce a steady current…


Giant machines are boring tunnels under London

By the end of 2014, London will have added 42 km of new underground rail tunnels. Crossrail will use eight tunnel boring machines (TBMs)…


Drug Delivery with Light-heated Water

Light-activated drug delivery could lead to “any technological application requiring that chemistry be controlled in time and in space, such as in catalysis or…


Scientists Create Wiring Diagram of Mouse Brain

Scientists from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have created a 1.8 petabyte wiring diagram of a mouse brain.


B612 Saving Earth from an Asteroid Strike

The B612 Foundation is a private organization committed to protecting the earth from asteroid strikes. They just released this animation, demonstrating why they are…

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Coffee Flour: A Food Revolution

Food revolution? Coffee Flour™ is a new, sustainable food ingredient derived from coffee cherries. It has 3X more antioxidants than blueberries. It is a…


Digital Sixth Sense

The realization of a broad, interconnected, digital sixth sense could be only about three to five years away.The digital sixth sense is one in…

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Robot to be Untethered

Everyone’s favorite terrifying humanoid is about to lose the system of cables and tubes that feeds it a steady diet of power, fluids and…