Vote for the Kip Thorne Gravity Award!

(November 17, 2015) – Playa Vista, CA 


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Raw Science Film Festival 


Photo: USC ICT via Wikimedia

The 2nd Annual Raw Science Film Festival awards cash prizes to filmmakers who are creating the next generation of great works, while celebrating the wonderment of science in film and the community that supports it. Categories include fiction and non-fiction for both students and professionals. Awards are also given to theatrically released studio films to celebrate the best films of the year prior to the Academy Awards season. The screening of winners and awards ceremony takes place the evenings of December 4 and 5th at the USC Institute of Creative Technologies in Playa Vista, CA. 

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Mitchell Block (Producer, Academy Award winning BIG MAMA)
William Nix (The Prophet)
Paul Hynek (Giant Studios: LOTR, Avatar)
Joel Hynek (The Matrix)
Liz Keim (The Exploratorium)
Hussain Currimbhoy (Sundance Institute)
Steffen Wild (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop)
Iram Parveen Bilal (Josh, The PhD Movie)
Rick Loverd (Director, Science & Entertainment Exchange)
Kip Thorne for the “Kip Thorne Gravity Award”
Alex Lightman (author, entrepreneur, and futurist)
Jacki Morie (All These Worlds LLC)


Student Dramatic Works 10 minutes and under
Student Documentary Works 10 minutes and under
Student Dramatic Works over 10 minutes
Student Documentary Works over 10 minutes
Professional Dramatic Works 10 minutes and under
Professional Documentary Works 10 minutes and under
Professional Dramatic Works over 10 minutes
Professional Documentary Works over 10 minutes


Deadline for Entry               11/6/2015
Winner Notification            12/1/2015
Film Festival Screening      12/4/2015
Awards Ceremony               12/5/2015

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  • Reply November 23, 2015

    Jay Arthurs

    I am NOT impressed with Mr. Thorne’s scientific consulting on movies. In “Interstellar” please explain how a mountainous tidal wave could form in water only 1 foot deep. In “The Martian” please explain how the thin, almost vacuum of the Martian atmosphere could topple the MAV. Mr Thorne’s movies deserve no votes in this competition. I’d sooner vote for an Ed Wood movie.

  • Reply November 26, 2015

    professor pranab Kumar Bhattacharya

    I think the film interstellar should be included as it explained very nicely gravity in black hole, about warm hole ,exoplanet in other universe and much of theoretical physics in relation with relativity ,space time matrix ,time dilution and human colonization in others exoplanet .It is worthy film interstellar is to win the prize

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