Globe of Economic Complexity (Oil, Goods, Economics)

Infographic: UN Comtrade The UN Comtrade Database provides free access to detailed global trade data. It is a repository of official international trade statistics and…


What is inside the deep, dark, anonymous web and how is it accessed?

  Originally published 11/23/2014. Updated 10/14/2016 to include a tool to determine if websites are blocked in China.    There is a region of…


Chinese Company Replaces 90% of Human Workforce With Robots

Shenzhen Evewin Precision Technology Co. plans to replace 90% of a 1,800-person workforce with robots. Sources – Sputnik News, Fusion The South China Morning Post…


China (Not US) Leads Solar Revolution w/ 5.04 GW Installed in Q12015

China installed 5.04 GW of solar capacity in the first quarter of 2015 which is close to the 6.20 GW the US installed in 2014….

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with China's President Xi in Beijing

US And China To Build A Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

According to Fortune, the US is helping China to build a molten salt nuclear reactor.  Due to a lack of funding and political will,…


Infographic From China: > 40% of Greenhouse Gases From US & China

The South China Morning Post published this infographic breaking down the greenhouse gas emissions globally. Information provided: Pollution profile (greenhouse gases) over time since…