A computer circuit board.

Autonomous, Moral, Killer Robots?

(August 24,2015)  The U.S. Office of Navel Research awarded $7.5 million in grant money over five years (beginning 2014) for researchers at Yale, Georgetown, Tufts,…

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Number 32

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Number 32 for 30 days. Number 32 is a visual and poetic documentary that explores the internal…

Monkey takes selfie

Orangutan in Argentina Wins “Non-Human Person” Rights

An orangutan in an Argentina zoo won non-human personhood rights as reported by The Guardian. This means it has been unlawfully deprived of its…

Professor Max Tegmark in his lab.

Is consciousness a state of matter?

Can a theoretical physicist investigate consciousness? For decades the few serious academics who tried were fatted to ridicule and marginalization. However, the times are…


A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious

Christof Koch has a radical new theory of how networks become conscious. Panpsychism!    

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The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

An international group of prominent scientists, led by computational neuroscientist and neurophysiologist Dr. Philip Low, has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which…