Caltech’s Resnick Institute Opens Nominations For Crazy Science To Save Earth

The Resonate Awards honor outstanding achievement in renewable energy and sustainability-focused science and technology.   (September 14, 2015) – Pasadena, CA “Of course, there’s crazy…

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EarthServer (Petabytes of Data Cubes) Evaluates Water on Mars Too

“On Mars, we can go down a few kilometers and we want to find out whether there is water” – Peter Baumann June 25…


8 Maps To Change The Way You Look at Africa & The World

Source – Take Part (8 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At The World)  This collection of world maps published here at looks…

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Mining the asteroids: Who Decides?

Mining The Asteroids: Who Decides? by Donald Goldsmith Our civilization—and presumably any civilization with a technological capacity at least as advanced as ours—runs on…


Deep Time: A History of the Earth (Infographic)

Designer and filmmaker Jamie Brightmore created this interactive infographic  Deep Time: A History of the Earth.   “The Earth is old, very very old….


Interactive Map of Every Satellite Orbiting Earth: Surveillance, Broadcast, Private, Govt

The Union of Concerned Scientists has created a satellite database of more than 1,000 operational satellites orbiting the Earth. The interactive infographic has satellites…

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Catalog of Found Habitable Exoplanets

How many confirmed exoplanets have been found with potential to support surface life as we know it? Twenty-eight (28). Nobel nominee Geoff Marcy should…


Oceans Acidity Rising with CO2 Emissions

“The oceans have taken up a quarter of the carbon dioxide humans have put in the atmosphere over the last two hundred years. But…