Raw Science’s Top 5 Sci/Tech to Follow in 2015

THE LIST 5. ANONYMOUS MESSAGING APPS Have you heard of FireChat? It’s an anonymous messaging app from the San Francisco startup Open Garden. Users…

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Nanobots Fight Cancer: First Human Clinical Trial in 2015

The first human clinical trial using nanobots to fight cancer will begin in 2015. The technology could later be used to repair spinal chords,…

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Rethinking the Stethoscope

Using pure ingenuity and a passion for helping the world, a medical student and his team may very well have invented one of the…

Credit: William L. Brown, Newsday

Promising cancer drug needs funding

Most cancer deaths occur when cancer spreads. Support a drug that keeps cancer from spreading.  

Muscle Pushes Science

An Ohio CrossFit affiliate says an academic study got stats about injury rates in the popular workout program wrong. And it’s suing the researchers…