Rat Brain Cerebral Cortex is Set Up Like…A Mini-Internet

“The cerebral cortex is like a mini-Internet,” said Larry Swanson, professor at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Source –  USC…

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Number 32

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Number 32 for 30 days. Number 32 is a visual and poetic documentary that explores the internal…


Win a Brain-Controlled Drone?

Subscribe to the Raw Science Newsletter at for a chance to win! The kit has an EEG headset and  requires focus in order to fly…

Professor Max Tegmark in his lab.

Is consciousness a state of matter?

Can a theoretical physicist investigate consciousness? For decades the few serious academics who tried were fatted to ridicule and marginalization. However, the times are…

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We asked a neuroscientist: The future of brain implants: what’s next?

Gary Marcus of NYU discusses the future of  brain implants discusses on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty.   One technology, Deep brain stimulators, has the…

With a clenched fist, doctors and researchers make medical history

Neuro-prosthesis allows paralyzed man to regain use of his hand

Columbus Ohio,  23-year-old   Ian Burkhart from Dublin Ohio became the first quadriplegic to move his hand with his own thoughts after a ground-breaking…


A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious

Christof Koch has a radical new theory of how networks become conscious. Panpsychism!    

An Israeli Death Stalker Scorpion

Bringing Light – Bert Klasey, Chris Baron, & James Allen Smith

In the painstaking process of removing brain tumors, neurosurgeons are constantly challenged by the inability to distinguish healthy tissue from tumor in the operating…


Scientists Create Wiring Diagram of Mouse Brain

Scientists from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have created a 1.8 petabyte wiring diagram of a mouse brain.