Rat Brain Cerebral Cortex is Set Up Like…A Mini-Internet

“The cerebral cortex is like a mini-Internet,” said Larry Swanson, professor at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Source –  USC…

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Number 32

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Number 32 for 30 days. Number 32 is a visual and poetic documentary that explores the internal…


Win a Brain-Controlled Drone?

Subscribe to the Raw Science Newsletter at for a chance to win! The kit has an EEG headset and  requires focus in order to fly…

Professor Max Tegmark in his lab.

Is consciousness a state of matter?

Can a theoretical physicist investigate consciousness? For decades the few serious academics who tried were fatted to ridicule and marginalization. However, the times are…

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We asked a neuroscientist: The future of brain implants: what’s next?

Gary Marcus of NYU discusses the future of  brain implants discusses on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty.   One technology, Deep brain stimulators, has the…

With a clenched fist, doctors and researchers make medical history

Neuro-prosthesis allows paralyzed man to regain use of his hand

Columbus Ohio,  23-year-old   Ian Burkhart from Dublin Ohio became the first quadriplegic to move his hand with his own thoughts after a ground-breaking…


A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious

Christof Koch has a radical new theory of how networks become conscious. Panpsychism!    


Scientists Create Wiring Diagram of Mouse Brain

Scientists from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have created a 1.8 petabyte wiring diagram of a mouse brain.