Malaysian Govt Invests $27M in Bezos Backed “General Fusion” of Canada

The Malaysian government invested ($27M) in General Fusion, the largest fusion energy program in Canada. General Fusion was established in 2002 to create power from nuclear fusion which…

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The World’s Nuclear WMDs (Interactive Infographic)

Infographic of World’s Known Nuclear WMDs Over 70 Years Infographic:  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists  Source Summary: Per: ELLIE ZOLFAGHARIFARD FOR DAILYMAIL.COM It reveals stockpile changes in the…

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with China's President Xi in Beijing

US And China To Build A Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

According to Fortune, the US is helping China to build a molten salt nuclear reactor.  Due to a lack of funding and political will,…