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EarthServer (Petabytes of Data Cubes) Evaluates Water on Mars Too

“On Mars, we can go down a few kilometers and we want to find out whether there is water” – Peter Baumann June 25…


How Much Are the Ocean’s Worth? US$24 Trillion per WWF Report

“Earth is distinguished from all other known planets by the presence of a warm, salty ocean that covers more than two-thirds of its surface….


Did Myans Die From Drought? Will Californians?

The Mayans were an advanced civilization that flourished while cradled in South America in what is currently Guatemala. The society collapsed around 900 A.D. A…


Oceans Acidity Rising with CO2 Emissions

“The oceans have taken up a quarter of the carbon dioxide humans have put in the atmosphere over the last two hundred years. But…