Raw Science Film Festival Winners 2014



Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Habana for 30 days. Havana is occupied by foreign forces and on the edge of civil war….


The Nostalgist

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent The Nostalgist for 30 days. Availability = US Runtime = 17 minutes A father and son live…

In a surprise guest appearance, the identity of Dwight Berg (aka “Calvin Techer”) was revealed. Berg described (as captured on video) the technical details behind one of the most legendary college pranks of all time - the changing of the Hollywood sign to read “Caltech” in 1987.

Caltech & The Hollywood Sign: “Calvin Techer” Revealed!

Caltech & The Hollywood Sign: “Calvin Techer” Revealed!   Dwight Berg wins Best University Prank at the first annual Raw Science Film Festival  …

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Raw Science Film Fest Award Winners

Raw Science Film Festival 2014 Awards Announced   Awards include Kip Thorne (Interstellar), Andy Hendrickson, CTO of Walt Disney Animation Studios (Big Hero 6), Brian Knappenberger…

Heart Theif 3

The Heart Thief

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent The Heart Thief for 30 days. An untold true-crime thriller set in Sydney Hospital in 1956. Two…

Number 32_Cropped

Number 32

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Number 32 for 30 days. Number 32 is a visual and poetic documentary that explores the internal…

Consider the Ant Still 2 cropped

Consider The Ant

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent Consider The Ant for 30 days. Abandon all hope ye who enter here? A personal search for ethics…

Nzara 76 Official Schedule Image 1

Nzara ’76

1976. An unknown outbreak rips through the boarder between Zaire and Sudan, decimating towns in its wake. An international team of doctors responds, discovering…


Ballet Meets Robotics

“Ballet Meets Robotics” is an accompanying short documentary that offers a behind- the-scenes look at how cutting edge technology was employed in the short…

BeyondTheSpheres - Still 2

Beyond The Spheres

Space Voices, what we can’t here, what we can’t see. Beyond The Spheres is a marriage of Art and Science. This work utilizes radio…