A computer circuit board.

Autonomous, Moral, Killer Robots?

(August 24,2015)  The U.S. Office of Navel Research awarded $7.5 million in grant money over five years (beginning 2014) for researchers at Yale, Georgetown, Tufts,…

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We All Have A Front Row Seat To The Birth of A.I.

“We will have human level AI in 7 years and 5 months. If I said 10 years it would seem like I don’t have…


Chinese Company Replaces 90% of Human Workforce With Robots

Shenzhen Evewin Precision Technology Co. plans to replace 90% of a 1,800-person workforce with robots. Sources – Sputnik News, Fusion The South China Morning Post…


The Nostalgist

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent The Nostalgist for 30 days. Availability = US Runtime = 17 minutes A father and son live…


Win a Brain-Controlled Drone?

Subscribe to the Raw Science Newsletter at for a chance to win! The kit has an EEG headset and  requires focus in order to fly…


Oxford Study: 47% of US Jobs are Computerizable (#1 Loan Officer, #2 Receptionist, #3 Paralegals)

This infographic by Bloomberg represents a study done by Oxford University in 2013. The conclusion is that 47% of US jobs could be automated/computerizable….


Swarm Robots Building Other Robots

There is a lot of talk about how robots will be taking over the work force from manufacturing to surgery. What is the ultimate…


Sentient Technologies: What Will the AI Focus on First? Finance & Medicine

Sentient Technologies, a big data company with the goal of developing massively scalable artificial intelligence, has just gone through a $103.5M Series C round…