A computer circuit board.

Autonomous, Moral, Killer Robots?

(August 24,2015)  The U.S. Office of Navel Research awarded $7.5 million in grant money over five years (beginning 2014) for researchers at Yale, Georgetown, Tufts,…

Predator KAZ

Musk, Hawking, and Wozniak Sign Letter To Ban Autonomous Weapons (Killer Robots)

“There are many ways AI can make battlefields safer for humans without creating new tools for killing people.” (July 27,2015) – Buenos Aires, Argentina  …

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We All Have A Front Row Seat To The Birth of A.I.

“We will have human level AI in 7 years and 5 months. If I said 10 years it would seem like I don’t have…


Chinese Company Replaces 90% of Human Workforce With Robots

Shenzhen Evewin Precision Technology Co. plans to replace 90% of a 1,800-person workforce with robots. Sources – Sputnik News, Fusion The South China Morning Post…


The Data Behind The Doomsday Clock: Nuclear, Climate, or Robots In 2015?

New “Doomsday Dashboard” provides science behind the clock for the first time. Source – The Bulletin    Doomsday Dashboard  The Bulletin of the Atomic…


The Nostalgist

Simply log in and purchase ($2.99) to rent The Nostalgist for 30 days. Availability = US Runtime = 17 minutes A father and son live…


Win a Brain-Controlled Drone?

Subscribe to the Raw Science Newsletter at for a chance to win! The kit has an EEG headset and  requires focus in order to fly…


Oxford Study: 47% of US Jobs are Computerizable (#1 Loan Officer, #2 Receptionist, #3 Paralegals)

This infographic by Bloomberg represents a study done by Oxford University in 2013. The conclusion is that 47% of US jobs could be automated/computerizable….


Swarm Robots Building Other Robots

There is a lot of talk about how robots will be taking over the work force from manufacturing to surgery. What is the ultimate…


Sentient Technologies: What Will the AI Focus on First? Finance & Medicine

Sentient Technologies, a big data company with the goal of developing massively scalable artificial intelligence, has just gone through a $103.5M Series C round…