The Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis

    This short movie shows the dynamic reconstruction of the blood flow of a healthy human heart. It is based exclusively on real…


Citizen Scientists Attempt Open Source Insulin

“I proposed that we could change that by making it ourselves, brewing insulin at home.” – Ryan Bethencourt (July 13, 2015) – Oakland, CA There…


17 Yr-Old Discovered Algorithms to Detect DNA Mutations

High Schooler Andrew Jin wins $150,000 in Intel’s Science Talent Search for machine learning algorithms that detect mutations in the human genome. Source –…


Bracewell’s Last Interview: Have Scientists Died Out?

Dr. Ronald Bracewell gave his last interview during the destruction of the Bracewell Observatory at Stanford University (March 10, 2006). Bracewell was a renowned…

BeyondTheSpheres - Still 2

Beyond The Spheres

Space Voices, what we can’t here, what we can’t see. Beyond The Spheres is a marriage of Art and Science. This work utilizes radio…


Raw Science’s Top 5 Sci/Tech to Follow in 2015

THE LIST 5. ANONYMOUS MESSAGING APPS Have you heard of FireChat? It’s an anonymous messaging app from the San Francisco startup Open Garden. Users…


Oldest H20 on Earth, Carbon, & Alien Life

The oldest water on Earth is present in much larger volumes than previously thought. This data was published by the journal Nature and the…

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Get Your Tickets to the Raw Science Film Festival and Awards Ceremony, Featuring Martha Coolidge and Kevin Grazier!

Get Tickets to the Film Festival! Get Tickets to the Awards Ceremony!   Have you heard about the big events we’re throwing in December?…


Moby on Electric Cars

Techno-progressive musician Moby breaks down the electric car battery with “The Science Table” host Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Tesla battery designer Rob Ferber.