U.S. President Obama shakes hands with China's President Xi in Beijing

US And China To Build A Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

According to Fortune, the US is helping China to build a molten salt nuclear reactor.  Due to a lack of funding and political will,…

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Dr. Frank Shu: An Astrophysicist Offers An Outsider’s View on the Future of Energy

Dr. Frank Shu is beaming. “That’s it!” he smiles broadly, extending a hand to a colleague. The excitement is palatable in the sweat-soaked tropical…

BioChar 2

Carbon-Neutral Coal in 10 minutes?

Dr. Frank Shu and his team of researchers at the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) have one of the largest BioChar…

A view of the abandoned city of Prypiat, near the Chernobyl nuclear power.
PC Thomas Sheridan

THORIUM MOLTEN-SALT: The Best Reactor You’ve Never Heard Of

Molten Thorium Salts: Nuclear Power For The Future? by Donald Goldsmith   For sixty years, the use of nuclear energy generation to provide clean,…


Thorium cycle patent holder on the future of energy

“The Science Table” provides an exclusive series led by Reichart Von Wolfsheild, former host of “Invention USA” (History Channel). Roland Kupers (physicist and former…