Where Did We Come From? Water, Mars, & The Solar System (2006)

The major theme at the present time is trying to understand where we came from. (December 5,2006) – Ithaca, NY Keri Kukral of Raw Science TV taped this conversation…


Battling ‘the Largest Mass Poisoning in History’: Arsenic in Bangladesh

By Kevin Krajick and David Funkhouser Earth Institute, Columbia University   International health experts have called it the largest mass poisoning in history, and…


8 Maps To Change The Way You Look at Africa & The World

Source – Take Part (8 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At The World)  This collection of world maps published here at TakePart.com looks…


Fluoride In Drinking Water May Trigger Depression And Weight Gain

Around 15,000 people could be suffering needlessly from thyroid problems because of fluoride in drinking water, the University of Kent has warned Source –…


Brazil’s Epic Drought May Cancel Carnival

Brazil is in an epic drought. It effects São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro along with other large regions of the country. According to…


Oldest H20 on Earth, Carbon, & Alien Life

The oldest water on Earth is present in much larger volumes than previously thought. This data was published by the journal Nature and the…


As drought worsens in California, hopes of El Nino weaken

Pasadena Ca.       Look at the maroon and mustard map above and you will notice that 100% of California is in a…


Reservoir of water 3 times the volume of the world’s oceans discovered deep within the mantle

If ringwoodite were exposed to the sun’s light it would shine blue, fitting, because deep within the earth’s mantle this curious mineral contains almost…


Water, Drought, Climate Change: Understanding the War in Syria

Starting in 2006 and lasting through 2011, Syria suffered the worst long-term drought and the most severe set of crop failures in recorded history….