Space Investor Steve Jurvetson and “The Martian” Author Andy Weir Mind-Meld Over Mars

Raw Science interviews New York Times best-selling author Andy Weir (“The Martian”) and space investor Steve Jurvetson inside Steve’s office at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which is an all out space museum.  “The Martian” will soon be a feature film by Ridley Scott starring Matt Damon. Can you spot the “Bill and Ted” moment? (Hint: It involves astronaut John Young). Andy describes the process of writing the book and how he went from engineer to best-selling author in a nanosecond. Jurvetson details real life challenges and possible solutions in the real-life quest to colonize Mars.

The interview sparked a lively discussion on Reddit about Martian life forms, remote synthetic biology, and possible panspermia.

The interview was also written up by Donald Goldsmith for

The trailer for The Martian is now on YouTube via 20th Century Fox:


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