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The world’s biggest energy research project ITER began pouring concrete for the construction phase in December, 2014 in Cadarache, France. The project ITER is a $20B nuclear fusion reactor collaboration between China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States.  The next project after ITER will be K-DEMO out of South Korea’s National Fusion Research Institute in collaboration with the US DOE ‘s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. The aim is to produce “a billion killowatts of power for weeks on end”, which is significantly greater than ITER’s goal of producing 500 million watts for 500 seconds by the late 2020s. The ITER approach utilizes magnetic confinement of the deuterium-tritium fuel. See this presentation for a preliminary conceptual design study on KDEMO. For a primer on nuclear fusion, see this previous article.

Image courtesy of Animation erklärt Sonnenfeuer