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Source – Take Part (8 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At The World) 

This collection of world maps published here at TakePart.com looks at the worldwide distribution of land, income, money, slavery, trees, water, internet, and energy. 

  • Map #1: The True Size of Africa
    • Africa is as big as the U.S., China, India, Japan, and most of Europe combined.
  • Map #2: Where and How We Live
    • Population density and income
  • Map #3: Where the Money Is
    • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are large while Africa is small in terms of land mass per wealth
  • Map #4: Where The World’s 30 Million Slaves Live
    • Slavery is concentrated in Africa and South Asia
  • Map #5: Where The Trees Are
    • Investors in the U.S., Europe, and China see opportunity in Africa’s fertile areas and have been buying up land there to grow food and biofuel crops
  • Map #6: Where The Water Is
    • The trees appear to be where the water is per Map #6
  • Map #7: Global Internet Usage
    • Only 7% of Africans have internet access.  Africa’s telecommunications market is leapfrogging over the landline era to the mobile phone era of today: “Roughly 80 percent of the population have cell phones.”
  • Map #8: Energy Poverty
    • A snapshot of the world at night contrasts Africa’s electricity use with that in the global north.

Photos/Maps: Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

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