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Caltech & The Hollywood Sign: “Calvin Techer” Revealed!


Dwight Berg wins Best University Prank at the first annual Raw Science Film Festival


FEBRUARY 25, 2015 –     In this raw and uncut smuggled video (lo-fi), the identity of legendary prankster “Calvin Techer” (aka Dwight Berg) was revealed by a surprise appearance at the Raw Science Film Festival. He received the first annual Best University Prank award. Berg described the technical details behind one of the most legendary college pranks of all time – the changing of the Hollywood sign to read “Caltech” in 1987. Berg was the ringleader of the stunt while an undergraduate student at Caltech. There is a longstanding prank rivalry between Caltech and MIT.

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Photo: Courtesty of Dwight Berg, California Institute of Technology

Video: Alex Rotaru