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The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created a search engine deemed more powerful than Google to search the Deep, Dark Web to aid investigations into online criminal networks. Electrical engineer Christopher White is the creator of Memex.

The search engine results in infographics which illustrate relationships between websites rather than returning results of webpage URLs like Google.  Along with the increased relational search capability, Memex has the ability to:

  • Show diagrams of linked information
  • Reveal the physical location and post time of connected devices
  • Search text along with images and latitude/longitude coordinates encoded in photos
  • Recognize photo backgrounds independent of subjects
  • Recognize web pages in the “deep dark web” and Tor
  • Show maps of physical locations of connections

As reported by Business Spectator, the search engine has been in use since 2014.

“Dr White is starting to test other uses for Memex with law enforcement and government partners, he said, including recognizing connections between shell companies, following the chains of recruitment for foreign fighters drawn to the terrorist group ISIS, mapping the spread of epidemics, and following ads for labour and goods to understand supply chains involved in money laundering.”

As reported by Naked Security,  Memex is used by the New York County District Attorney’s Office by its Human Trafficking Response Unit in at least 20 active sex trafficking investigations.


Photo: Creative Commons per Maya Hair – SpiderWeb