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“They are trying to assess if the treaty is still sound..Most experts expect this conference to be a failure.”

– Adam Mount

Source – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The NPT Review Conference is taking place from now until May 22nd in New York City. Adam Mount explains what the Review Conference (“RevCon”) is, and how this year’s conference is likely to be a dismal failure. Mount is Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the Council on Foreign Affairs and a columnist for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

“The two most important steps for the longterm health of the non-proliferation regime have been well understood for some time. These are for the US Senate to ratify the comprehensive test ban treaty so that it can move closer to entering and enforce. The second is for states to convince Pakistan to give up its objection on a treaty that would prohibit the further production of fissile material globally. But, there are other things the United States can do at home to scale back our unaffordable plans to modify our nuclear arsenal and also to take steps to demonstrate that we’re not interested in cheating on a future nuclear disarmament treaty.”

“Frustrated with the pace of nuclear arms reductions worldwide, a number of states are participating in a humanitarian initiative on the consequences of nuclear weapons. This initiative is moving towards drafting a ban. The most important thing here is keeping the ban movement from undermining the non-proliferation regime that currently exists. So, both the United States and the ban movement have an incentive to cooperate with each other.”

“Critics are right to say that the United States has too many nuclear weapons. We certainly do.”

Watch the full video to understand this in context between the United States, Russia, and China. 

Photo: Creative Commons

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