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SETI Institute and others crowdsource a telescope to find and photograph another Earth. 

Project Blue is a consortium of leading space and research organizations on mission to build and launch a small space telescope to observe planets around our nearest stellar neighbors: Alpha Centauri A and B. With a modest budget and a planned launch by 2020, the goal is simple: to capture an image, visible to the human eye, of orbiting planets. Seeing a ‘pale blue dot’ could indicate the presence of oceans or an atmosphere — the potential to support life. It would be our first view of another world like our own.

The Kickstarter was launched on November 15, 2016. It seems in the realm of possible now that things like StartShot Initiative exist. There is a summary of the project in the New York Times. See ProjectBlue.org for more information.



– Keri Kukral @kerikukral

Gif Sources:  ProjectBlue.org

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