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The city will have everything but people who live there.

(July 10, 2015) – Washington, DC

A ghost city is being built in the middle of the desert in New Mexico to evaluate future technologies including:

  • Green Energy
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Homeland Security
  • Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure

The project is called Center for Innovation, Testing, and Evaluation. The international technology development firm Pegasus Global Holdings is creating the city. It will occupy 400 acres.


Per pegasusglobalholdings.com: “The Center will resemble a mid-sized American city, including urban canyons, suburban neighborhoods, rural communities and distant localities. It will offer the only of its kind opportunity to replicate the real-world challenges of upgrading existing city infrastructure to that of a 21st Century smart city, operating within a green economy.

CITE will serve as an open operating test, evaluation and commercialization facility for next-generation innovations and technologies. It will provide a proving ground for technologies arising from the federal laboratories, universities, not-for-profit technology centers, federal departments and agencies, and the private sector. The facility will be designed to allow new technologies to integrate into the nation’s urban, suburban and rural “legacy infrastructure,” and provide detailed measurable results on their impact to the economy and its many sectors, e.g., energy, transportation, telecommunications, security, and agriculture.CITE will consist of a fully integrated physical facility modeled on a medium-sized American city, including its urban, suburban, and rural areas, built with standard roads, buildings, power, water, telecommunications and operating systems. Representative of today’s modern cities, CITE will allow clients to test the benefits and costs of their proposed next-generation innovations and technologies, hardware and software.”

About Pegasus Global Holdings

Per pegasusglobalholdings.com: “For the past 10 years, Pegasus Global Holdings (“Pegasus”) has developed a solid reputation in successful technology development. Pegasus is a recognized leader in telecommunications in North America and Europe. Pegasus is also a US Government authorized prime vendor and manufacturer of defense equipment and technologies. Pegasus has a proven expert in commercializing military technologies for the global marketplace – in strict compliance with national laws and regulations pertaining to export controls – and the militarizing of global commercial technologies as COTS solutions for the DOD and other U.S. government agencies.”

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Main Photo: Wikimedia (Russavia)