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Raw Science TV interviewed Robert Scoble and Shel Israel with an iPhone 6 on 2/3/2017

@ Upload VR headquarters in San Francisco, CA 

Their book The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything is available on Amazon. 

Gif | MicroSoft HoloLens: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/


What is mixed reality? Anything visual is possible. Anything. There are no rules. Robert describes how to “get rid of” Shel. 


The world has begun a great transformation. Everything as we know it will change. It begins with Apple’s AR smart glasses in 2017.


 The phone eliminated boredom from our lives. Mixed reality will eliminate ugliness. 


 What it will be like to play a mixed reality game with a gorilla on your back. It’s a weird world coming! 


Case Western university is using mixed reality (Microsoft Hololense) to train medical students. 


 The changes will come very quickly. 


 The technology will get very tiny. Robert is forced to put a dollar in the Trump jar. 


 This decade is going to see deeper cultural change than the 60’s. 


It’s better at education than any technology we’ve ever invented. 


 There is going to be an educational revolution for STEM. 


 Young people with these tools are called “Minecrafters.” Shel sees them as hope for the planet. 


Robert Scoble gives you a front-row seat on the future. Especially on platforms that use the fourth user interface, spatial computing, like virtual reality or mixed reality that will come soon thanks to his own front-row seat as entrepreneur in residence at UploadVR.com and his past experience as futurist at Backspace. Scoble travels the world looking for what’s happening on the bleeding edge of technology. He’s interviewed thousands of executives and technology innovators and reports what he learns in books, YouTube, and many social media sites where he’s followed by millions of people. As entrepreneur in residence at Upload, he works with the virtual reality ecosystem to figure out what media and conference businesses Upload needs to build next. He’ll also be assisting startups in the Upload Collective (a coworking space) in their efforts to get to market. He has been a technology blogger since 2000, was one of five people who built Microsoft’s Channel 9 video blog/community, worked at Fast Company Magazine running its TV efforts, and has been part of technology media businesses since 1993. Best place to find Scoble? On his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/scobletechnology/

Shel Israel is TG’s business partner. He anticipates how tech will impact business processes. To a lesser degree than Robert he is also a global keynoter focusing on mixed reality’s impact on business. He has spent half his career as a tech business journalist at publications that include Forbes, Business Week, and Business Insider. The other half was as a tech marketing and communications consultant. He began at the legendary Regis McKenna, Inc., and later served as Ketchum PR’s senior vice president for consumer technology worldwide. For 17 years he owned and led SIPR, an agency specializing in launching tech startups. His first startup was Sun Microsystems. Over the years he played key roles coaching entrepreneurs on business presentation and even wrote a book on it. As a PR strategist he played a role in introducing and popularizing such enduring categories as desktop presentation and mapping, PC sound and relational databases. Contact him at shelisrael2@gmail.com or by Facebook Messenger at Shel Israel.