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Theatrical premiere on 9/30/2016

– LA, New York, and Select Cities


A NASA Arctic expedition designed to be the first Martian road trip on Earth becomes an epic two-year odyssey of human adventure and survival.

Isolated Devon Island is the final destination of the Humvee Okarian, a NASA experimental vehicle that is a critical part of a vast project training man for Mars exploration. Devon is a place NASA calls “Mars-on-Earth”:   for years, spacesuits and robots have been tested there, and astronauts have been trained for upcoming human voyages to Mars.  To learn how to explore the Red Planet, the Passage to Mars crew members first have to face the alien world that is Earth.  This bone-chilling Arctic journey—a daily struggle against the unpredictable whims of an often furious nature—will test their persistence and resolve, and force them to confront the aeons-old human dream of exploring the mythical planet Mars.

oohummer-iceJules Verne Adventures: “Passage to Mars is the true story of a six-man crew’s adventures aboard HMP Okarian, a NASA experimental vehicle, attempting “the first Martian road trip” on Earth. Training for Mars exploration in the High Arctic, these intrepid explorers undertake a 2000-mile journey across the frozen sea of the forbidding Northwest Passage—but their expedition planned to last a few weeks is about to become an epic two-year odyssey.”

passage-to-mars-official-trailer-1-mp4The film is an epic odyssey. Narrated by Zachary Quinto, Mars comes to life in this tale of adventure in the unforgiving Antarctic. The expedition is led by the indomitable Pascal Lee, from the Mars Institute and the SETI Institute, with the remote destination of Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) Research Station on Devon Island. Lee is also the Director of the Haughton-Mars Project at NASA Ames Research Center.

The backdrop seems like the closest thing to searching for life on Mars itself.  The team survives some harrowing ordeals aboard the HMP Okarian rover which serves as a test case for future human Mars exploration. The 18 year-old vehicle engineer Jesse Weaver gallantly served as expedition technician over the journey which required individual and team life-and-death decisions. Film director Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and director of photography Mark Carroll were embedded throughout.

The unmistakable voice of Zachary Quinto over the stunningly beautiful imagery of Mars and a gorgeous soundtrack is indeed a breathtaking experience.

Trailer: Jules Verne Adventures, YouTube



Photos: Courtesy Passage to Mars